Alexander von Humboldt Lecture - Steve Davies

Former Chapel in the Bergmanianum, Houtlaan 4, Nijmegen
14 oktober 2019 - 17:30
14 oktober 2019 - 18:45

Steve Davies, Project for Public Spaces (PPS), New York, USA 
Creating 'Market Cities': Leveraging the power of public markets as public spaces


There are thousands if not millions of fresh food public markets of around the world that link urban and rural communities and economies.  These markets take many forms – from open air, mobile markets to permanent market halls to entire market districts.  This lecture will focus on the economic and social value these often under-valued markets bring as fulcrum points for fostering active and inclusive public space in cities, while also promoting job creation, economic development, positive social networks, safe and nurturing public spaces, and access to affordable, fresh and healthy foods.  Case studies of market transformations will illustrate the value public markets can bring to communities, using examples from the United States and, by contrast, from Hanoi, Vietnam.
This lecture will also introduce the concept of “Market Cities”, a new vision for public markets at a city-wide scale. Market Cities make holistic assessments of all their market systems to develop supportive policies and leverage market assets to promote job opportunities, economic development, active public spaces, and community health. Urban market systems in the 21st century can be vital centres of exchange connecting rural and urban environments and places that anchor local culture and social life for all residents. Barcelona is perhaps the best example of a modern Market City. They have an incredibly thriving network of around 43 permanent public markets serving 73 neighbourhoods

Extra events

  • Monday, 14-10-2019, 08.30 - 12.00 
    City Hall, Burgerzaal, Korte Nieuwstraat 6, NL-6511PP Nijmegen on location seminar in which we, together with Steve Davies, will evaluate the public market as public space.
    During this three hour seminar, participants will visit and evaluate an existing market in Nijmegen while it is operating.  Ideally a location near the market should be identified for this seminary to take place.  There will be a short introductory presentation about how to evaluate public markets as public spaces, followed by a group field trip to the market.  Using the Project for Public Spaces, Market Place Audit, participants will work in small groups of 2 or 3 people to evaluate the market using the audit form.  Returning to the workshop site, they will work in small groups (combining 2 or three teams) to summarise the key results of their findings and then present them to the full group for discussion.  Management of the market can be invited to participate in the seminar as well, and can add additional depth of understanding about how it functions.
  • Tuesday, 15-10-2019, 12.30 - 14.15 
    Ulbo de Sitter room, ground floor of the Elinor Ostrom building, Heyendaalseweg 141, NL-6525AJ Nijmegen
    Research colloquium of researchers of Radboud University, and Wageningen University, presenting their work to Steve Davies