This is the English homepage of the Royal Dutch Geographical Society. The society - founded in 1873 - has some 3000 members. Most of these are geographers working in the field of spatial planning; research and development; and education. The society's well-known scientific publication in English is the journal 'Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie.

The Royal Dutch Geographical Society (KNAG) was founded in 1873. In its early years KNAG's main reputation was based on the expeditions it organized into unknown territories. Reminders from that period - like authentic maps and original expedition equipment - are lent to museums where they are on display.Modern-day KNAG focusses on stressing the distinctive characteristics of geography as subject and profession. Besides this, the society provides services for its members and functions as a meeting place to share ideas, knowledge and information.

The aim of the Royal Dutch Geographical Society is to open eyes for geography because it puts knowing into seeing. To achieve this aim, the Royal Dutch Geographical Society conducts a range activities. It organizes conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars; publishes scientific and more popular journals and books; and provides services for its members. They can benefit from discounts on symposia, publications, excursions and the like.